We are a team of professionals dedicated to investigating paranormal experiences. Our mission is to assist individuals who believe they are experiencing what appears to be paranormal influences. We answer to individuals who believe they (or someone they know) have encountered paranormal events. You (and

they) may feel afraid of and confused by these unusual experiences. Others may doubt what you (or someone you know) have experienced. You may feel unsure of how to understand such experiences or how to respond to them. Our goal is to provide professional assistance to help you (or someone you know better understand these paranormal events so that you can take appropriate action. We do not publish accounts of your experience. All information provided to us will be held in strictest confidence by our team who are bound by a confidentiality code of ethics. Our goal is solely to assist you (or someone you know). We are based in Toronto but are available to travel throughout southern Ontario. There is no fee for our services.


Firstly, we establish the nature of the paranormal experience. Paranormal experiences include a range of unusual events that seem unexplainable or outside normal human experience. These include unusual perceptual experiences such as seeing ghosts and apparitions, hearing sounds or voices, unexpected odours, a belief that your home is haunted, unexplained movement or destruction of objects in the home. You (or someone you know) may have also experienced sudden or unexplained changes in emotions, behaviours or personality that suggest the presence of a spirit. In some cases you (or someone you know) is believed to be haunted by or harassed by spirits or ghosts. What is common to all of these experiences is a sense of fear, confusion, and loss of control. Often there may not be any other witnesses which can lead others to doubt that such events are real. Or if there are witnesses there may be much disagreement about what is occurring. In some cases what are thought to be paranormal events are natural events such as noisy pipes, a dead animal caught in the chimney, mice in the attic, electrical phenomena, a loose window frame and so on. In some cases, someone may be playing a hoax or engaging in mischief. Sometimes one may be suffering from emotional conflicts and symptoms that may explain changes in personality rather than the influence of a spiritual entity.


Secondly we provide recommendations for how to respond effectively to the paranormal event. Based on what we discover about the nature of the paranormal experience we develop a specific plan of action. This could be as simple as repairing any physical or natural source of the paranormal event. It could also include a suggestion to pursue psychological treatment or assessment if the unusual behaviour is emotional in nature. And it may include a spiritual intervention that focuses on removing from, neutralizing of, or cleansing the home of any spiritual entity that may be present.





Contact us and briefly describe what you (or someone you know) are experiencing.

We will contact you by phone to do a brief evaluation and get more information to make sure we are able to be of help.



Our team will take all of the evidence we have gathered and analyse it. We will then return to your home, present a summary of our findings to you and invite your feedback. This presentation will include an open discussion of our findings and possibly further investigation if indicated. In our report we will also provide any number of recommendations for you to consider. These may include:


(i) Suggesting simple changes to your home such as removing rodents, repairing electrical or plumbing issues, sealing wind drafts etc. if these appear to be the source of the paranormal experiences.


(ii) Facilitating a referral for a psychological assessment or counselling if the behaviour of the individual who is reporting the paranormal activity reflect an emotional issue, family conflict, behavioural conflict or any other psychological issue.


(iii) Arranging for a spiritual intervention if the analysis of the paranormal event indicates the present of spiritual energies. Our team specifically does not provide this type of spiritual intervention. Such interventions, if desired, will always be compatible with your spiritual or religious tradition. We would also help facilitate such an intervention when appropriate by contacting the appropriate authorities.

(iv) If requested, we can also teach generic techniques to cope with the paranormal activity.


We always suggest making a return visit (with your permission) 3 months and 12 months later to assess any changes and to further investigate if necessary.


If we can be of help, at least two members of our team will visit you with the explicit consent of everyone in your home. During our visit we will interview everyone who may have relevant information, both alone and as a group (if indicated). Sometimes this assessment may require more than one visit. If the paranormal event occurs with predictable reliability and frequency, members of our team are willing to arrange a time to remain in the home for a period of time and be a witness to these experiences. Our goal is to develop as accurate understanding of the paranormal events as possible. However, our approach does not rely on electronically gathering information (except photographs) as these have not shown to be reliable. Instead we rely on the careful questioning of those who have witnessed the paranormal experiences and the sensitivity and objectivity of our investigation team.


Dr. L is a Toronto psychologist in private practice and a university professor.  He has been a student of paranormal and psychic phenomena his entire life and a practitioner of a number of spiritual traditions.  In his work with Paranormal Toronto, he is accompanied by a team of select individuals each with a background in human behaviour psychology as well as spirituality, all of whom possess unique skills in assessing and evaluating paranormal activity.


If you would like us to investigate your situation or have any questions about our team and what we do or need other resources for paranormal support, please contact us using the form below. Your information will remain completely confidential, and we will not call you without your permission. Expect a reply in 1-2 weeks, after which we can arrange further contact.


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